Jen's Learning Center Math Program

Jen’s Learning Center Math Program is a modern, Common-Core Aligned curriculum developed by PALS (Personalized Adaptive Learning Systems).  It is designed to help students improve their performance in school by offering the most up to date curriculum.  Our program provides the necessary skills and concepts our children will need in school and prepare them for different types of State Standardized tests.  Jen’s Learning Center Math Program focuses on conceptual understanding, proficiency and problem-solving skills that are essential for all levels of education.  Our math program offers challenging multi-step word problems for more advanced learners who want an academic edge over others while building strong foundations in mathematics.

Jen’s Learning Center Math Program is designed to help students build their confidence and reach their academic goals.  The steps to success are within reach, and the benefits of our innovative program will motivate your child.  The best way for you or your child to learn a new skill is by taking small steps that build on each other week after week.  The spiral learning structure gradually introduces students with skills they can retain from previous weeks while still growing in confidence through successive lessons designed around their needs as an individual learner.